Tony Vaughan

1975-89 - Duty Officer at MNC and college archivist

Tony was an officer on the Worcester for many years before joining the college, has a wide knowledge of local history and still lives in the village.

Tony had the honour of pressing the button to blow up the Empire Paper Mills chimney having won a competition run by Steve Atkins of Crest Homes.

Added October 12th 2016

Tony passed away on 7th October 2003, but there was no official obituary. Prior to his death he worked extensively with Crest during the building of the first phase of Ingress Park. He was writing the inscription on the memorial at the end of The Boulevard when he was taken ill.

With regard to the Empire Paper Mill chimney, the competition was to estimate the number of bricks used when it was built - such was Tony's knowledge, he not only knew how many but where they were made and how they were transported!

Kind regards

Sara Shelley (Tony's daughter)

Added October 12th 2016

From Simon Langlois

I did a search but found nothing in the way of an obituary. I saw that Bill Mc was going to do the funeral on 17 Oct 2003 at the Medway Crematorium.

I didn't realise that... "Tony Vaughan was a Divisional Officer on the Worcester from 1970 until the cadets were transferred to the new MNC in 1975 where he became a Duty Officer until the college closed. Since then he has been caretaker at Ingress Park." and that he was noted as 'Greenhithe Historian'.

And did you know Ingress Park has a Vaughan Avenue?!