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Merchant Navy College

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The document below is in three different formats, Album, Acrobat, and Djvu. Album will be visible by any browser because it consists of picture files (.jpg). For Acrobat you will need Acrobat Reader, and for Djvu you will need to download a plugin for from the link given.

This is the only archived document for which I am providing three different view options, because the work is done and because it is such a good example of its kind.

For the sake of webserver diskspace the other archive documents will be displayed in Djvu format only.



Adobe Acrobat

Links to other Djvu document pages


College opening document


Text only. OCR and proofed College opening plaque
Plaque Brochure
Please note that all the text is searchable and the photographs may be clicked for better quality images. Scanned by Richard Hemingway

For more pictures of old Greenhithe click here

Download the DjVu Plugin to view the plans below, and download Solo if you wish to encode your scans for display. Lookout for the Djvu link anywhere on this website a picture appears, to view a high resolution version of the image with a short download time. Djvu attains compression ratios of 1000:1 and upwards without loss of visual content, better than any jpg.

Ingress Park - 130kb (~30s)

Copyright MW Landscape


It is interesting to compare the layout of the site above, with the 19th Century map below, showing the Abbey, the Lodge, and the road layout 130 years ago, which has hardly changed.Click on the map below then wait while it loads, ensure you have installed the DjVu Viewer first.

Greenhithe 1872 - 74kb (~20sec)

Copyright Landmark


Greenhithe 1999

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