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Merchant Navy College

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2nd Mates 1981

2nd Mates 1981

Stuart Hobbs
Mark Whitaker
Bob Taylor
Names Alan Morgan
Mike Bailey
Dick Weston
Stuart Hobbs
Photos provided by Richard "Tiny" Carlton awaiting annotations.

Back row from left:

2nd Paul Goodall
3rd Tony Hubbard
4th Jim ? Big Jim was with RFA
7th Peter Cooper
9th Richard Weston

Rugby team at MNC late 1970s

Front row from left:

1st "Taff" Richard Walters
3rd Mark Whittaker
4th Paddy Shrimpton
5th John Briffa

Photo Sean Harvey additional annotations Stephen Foster   Ref

Steve Foster with bikes Who?
Stephen Foster
Mark Weatherall and Don McAngus (sitting)
Photo Stephen Foster  Ref

2nd Mates 1981

Refs  1  2

Last name
First name
 Anderton  Tony      1976-81
 Bailey  Mike  info - Stephen Foster      1977-81
 Bell  Mike info - Andy Storm     1977-81
 Carlton Richard 1977-81
 Chapman  Phil     Assistant Dockmaster Kings Lynn 1976-81
 Denny Keith info - Stephen Foster     1977-81
 Fonz ?  Fonz        1977-81
 Foster Stephen         1977-81
 Froude Eric   info - Stephen Foster         1977-81
 Hobbs Stuart     info Dick Weston   1977-81
 Keen Chris        1977-81
 Lynn John   info - Stephen Foster         1977-81
 McAngus Don  info - Stephen Foster          1977-81
 Medley Dave   info - Stephen Foster         1977-81
 Metcalfe Brett   info - Stephen Foster         1977-81
 Morgan Alun   info - Stephen Foster         1977-81
 O'Neill Malcolm        Ref   1977-81
 Pain Eddie         1977-81
 Shrimpton Paddy            1977-81
 Storm Andy         1977-81
 Taylor Bob        1977-81
 Walters Richard   info Dick Weston & S. Foster       1977-81
 Weston Dick   Gone to spam heaven        1977-81
 Weatherall Mike  info - Andy Storm          1977-81
 Wetherill Richard  info - Stephen Foster          1977-81
 Whitaker Mark   1977-81
 Zimmer Gary   info - Stephen Foster         1977-81



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