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Merchant Navy College

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Last name
First name
 Bradley Stuart           1979-82
 Burgess Dave  info - Michael Cooper        1979-82
 Cable John        Info - Tom Wykes   1979-82
 Cameron Duncan      1981-83
 Cookson Richard            
 Cooper Michael        Info - Tom Wykes   1981-84
 Cross Phillip   1981-82
 Dewey Michael         1981-84
 Dorrington Bill      PricewaterhouseCoopers  1979-82
 Griffiths Tim         Info - Mike Dewey  ????
 Harrison Colin        Info - Mike Dewey  ????
 Hartill Anthony        Info - Mike Dewey  ????
 Hodder Mick         Info - Mike Dewey  ????
 Nunnery Frank        Info - Mike Dewey  ????
 Powley Jeffrey         1985
 Ripper Hamish (d.)  Deceased     Info - Tom Wykes  1979-82
 Robertson Stewart      BP Shipping  1980-82
 Roughley Mick         Info - Mike Dewey  ????
 Shearing Andy        Info - Mike Dewey   ????
 Squibb Paul        Info - Mike Dewey  ????
 Unknown Alex        Ref    
 Unknown Jason        Ref    
 Unknown Ricardo        Ref    
 Wooldridge Michael         Course moved to S. Shields '96 [86 - Ed.]  1996
 Wykes Tom (T.D.)      Course moved to S. Shields '96  1996

Can you name the people below?

Please email players

At the back, from left to right:- Rashid Salim (Kenyan cadet), Chris (could be Osborne), Ian Moran, Mark Thompson, Les Black, Martin Pearson, don't know but could be Adrian (Sanders? Sanderson?) & don't know. At the front, don't know, Pete (Brumby I think), Simon Oxford, Simon Mackay, Darren Thompson & Dave (X). These were the engineer cadets I was with from Sep 1981 to summer 1983. Can't think who else there was as well as myself & Tim, though - I assume Tim was behind the camera. Anyone heard from or remember Duncan Cameron? [See below - Ed.] Malcolm Hunter? Regards to all, Nigel Clark

The missing names are Chris Osborne, Adrian Sanders, Pete Brumby, Dave Cole, looks very like Tim Roberts to the right in the sunglasses, which poses the question, did I take the picture. Not seen Malcolm for a few years, he was working for Lloyds.Best regards, Duncan [Cameron - Ed.]

Again from Duncan Cameron:-

Front Row: Dont Know, Pete Brumby, Simon Oxford, Simon McKay, Darren Thompson, Dave Cole.

Back Row of Cadets:
Rashid Salim - Kenya Ports Authority
Chris Osborne, Ian Moran - Both BP
Mark Thompson - Shell
Les Black - BP
Martin Pearson - LOF (Now working at Heysham power station)
Adrian Sanders - Sanders Engineering
Tim Roberts - Shell (looks very like him - see photo below)

Post Fire Course

From the Left:

Chris Osborne, Martin Pearson, Mal Hunter (Back row, Shell), Dave Cole
(Kneeling F T Everard), Self, Adrian Sanders,Ian Moran (Kneeling, Pete
Brumby (F T Everard), Si McKay (BP), Tim Roberts (Shell, very Back), Mark
Thompson, Les Black (Kneeling), Rashid Salim, Nigel Clark (Kneeling RHS,
Shell), Simon Oxford (LOF), Darren Thompson (Extreme Right, BP)

Photo and names from Duncan Cameron


Engineers after end of 2nd year - June / July 82
Back Row
Robert Somerson (BP) Howard Rutter (BP), Malcolm Hutchings (BP), Kenneth Edwards (BP), Dave Barton (BP),  Ian Taylor (Turnbull Scott ), Nick Burt (Everards) , Richard Charnock (BP), Alan Rees (BP) ,  Stuart Robertson (BP), ?, Phil Lewthwaite? (Shell), Steve Courts,  ?  ,  Andrew Martin  (Shell), Richard Armitage (Shell) , ? ,  Chris Oliver (Shell?) Perry Lukehurst (Shell?), ?, ?
Derek Liddle (BP), Alan Gooden (BP) ME!! (BP), ? (Denholm?), (Denholm?)
Andy Hopgood (BP), Gary Newman  (BP),  Ian Dodd ( Shell) , ? , ? , Stefano Mirasoli  (Everards) (Shell) , ? , ? , John Daly , ? , ?


Thanks to Phil Cross for the photo



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