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What ever happened to Jim?Anonymous10-22-01  02:45 pm
British Antarctic Survey - John ?Michelle11-28-01  11:29 am
Ex Kelvin Hughes, Quadrant Marine, or SAIT Radio OfficersPhill Grove02-18-01  09:27 pm
Reverend William (Bill) McCraePhill Grove11-06-00  10:53 pm
Does anyone remember Andy "Purple eyes" Mallion?Russell Hey07-06-05  10:03 pm
Bowater Steamship CompanyCastleline10-26-05  01:01 am
MNC Worcester (the ship)Mark Hurd12-01-04  04:19 pm
Jeremy (Jem) LeesIan Atkinson06-18-01  10:26 pm
Steve Witofski - Radio Student c77 - 80Harry Henville10-10-01  12:08 am
Outward Boundwilliam Ripley08-04-01  12:15 am
Hello to Tony Vaughn and familyJeff Williams08-24-01  10:06 am
Seeking OND group 75 -79Nick Tompkins09-22-03  03:51 pm
1977 - 1981 Mike Bailey, Richard (Taffy) Walters, Stewart Hobbs...Gareth Morgan10-26-01  02:47 pm
Norwood CollegePaul Bigwood03-20-04  01:29 am
OND Electronic Engineering 1987-1989Mark Deeley10-26-03  01:29 pm
Abigail Kennedy and Caroline HanleyTina Heldon12-08-01  11:56 pm
1978 Lifeboat row to Greenwich.Anonymous01-14-03  03:00 pm
MRGC 1989 seeking Robert Reynolds (Bertie)Daniel04-08-03  03:52 am
Whatever happened to Solly KhanChris Erotokritou04-19-03  12:18 pm
Whatever happened to Bill Walker R/O from Douglas IOMJim Pyle05-18-03  09:52 am
Whatever happed to Rick the P.E Guy?Anonymous07-28-05  12:16 pm
A long long time ago in a college far far away....GuyCaulfieldKerney01-27-04  05:53 pm
Donovan Walter BowenSimon Bowen05-13-05  11:20 pm
Whatever happened to the Worcester?Richardweston08-07-06  06:30 pm
MERCHANT NAVY BADGESCapt Alex Gibbons01-04-06  01:12 am
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