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Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 - 05:53 pm:   

Somewhere around 1986 apparrently I was a student at the MNC. Radio/radar. I remember many things, but not many people, perhaps I can jog a few memories by provoking a question or two? the fella's that joined our college from Wrey Castle (?) there was Big Mick, Paul, and two others, who were they, one was I think 'mick' aswell, who for nefarious reasons got himself the doubtful name of "minuteman" and the othe I think was called perhaps 'dean'? who knows? He was afro genetically, I don't know how you identify colour in England anymore so I hope that doesn't offend.

For info, I remember a Trevor, Paul Mcann, richard beasley I know personally Alison Miles but haven't seen her since eight years or more,(learnt to sail with her father, a very fine man there was, (deceased))
I remember a real great deal of what went on in our year, how we took over the student bar and crashed it, Roger Taylor and the dissapearing beard,
Who was the lecturer we called 'Poo Bear'?
Big Mick and Paul came from Sheffield. I have perhaps a hundred photo's of the Abbey in 1986, and perhaps hundreds and thousands of little anecdotes. I left the college after two years of the OND as not particularily well fitting in, I spoke with Roger Taylor, who was always a favourite lecturer for his sense of humour, about seven years ago, as I did with Tony Vaughn I believe who was still living on sight and answering the Phone at the time.
I can be contacted through the e-mail, please keep it below 200k! at guycaulfield@hotmail.com
I would greatly welcome any replies as this is a period of my smokey past that has very few contacts, I'd like to fill in some holes.
Although I am currently looking for work, living in France, French wife two marvelous kids, I have been working in the field of Machine construction, most recently as Workshop Boss, although I didn't use any part of my incomplete OND I know that it was a valuable and versatile education and although I was at the time perhaps not sufficiently mature to reap the full benefits I do not regret any of that time spent at MNC.
Just in case Bill Mccrae or RogerTaylor fall on this message, expect an e-mail soon fella's.
I will do my best to dig out the photo's I have and scan, I used to be an amateur photographer so it will take time as the box of tenthousand for the second half of the 80's is very dustcovered.
If someone has time to reply please insert the word 'Greenhithe' in the mail title as I have an uncontrollable spam problem with my inbox.
Yours truly Guy Caulfield-Kerney.

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